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At Houston Stars we believe in a Relentless Pursuit of Excellence in all we do. We want to train and challenge our athletes at the highest level. We want our athletes to have a profound impact on those around them On and Off the Court.

We believe that there is a need in Houston to not just be another club, but a club that parents want their daughters and sons to be a part of. We want to be a place where players can’t wait to get in the gym and get better. We believe there needs to be a place where every athlete is looked out for. 

Jesus lived his life with utmost integrity, a fiery passion for what he thought was right, and a keen sense for the needs of those around Him. This is how we will model the way we coach, train and compete.


Houston Stars is committed to developing an athlete’s character as well as their physical talents. We recognize the unique opportunity available when working with our youngest athletes to not only instill a love for the sport of Basketball, but also to foster and develop the ability to be a good sportsman in triumph and defeat, both on and off the court.

Houston Stars provides unique programs designed to adapt and expand with each athlete as they develop in their personal athletic journey. See below our latest Fall 2021 programs and find the one that best fits! Each program incorporates intense practice sessions, high-level coaching, character lessons, and a service project.

We start em as young as diapers! #ballislife

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Houston Stars Basketball takes a different approch to training athletes. Over the years we have seen the game of Basketball advance in a rapid pace, BUT the training has stayed the same for 50+ years. Even NBA players tell you how they do things but if you record and watch closely they sometimes and most often do the opposite. 

Our philosophy is simple. We introduce a player to a new skill. We teach that skill, demonstrate that skill. Work with the player to get the skill down. Then move on to build more skill. It's up to our players to MASTER each skill. We give them the tools, teach them how to use them, THEY make them their OWN and advance. 

This is why we spend countless hours finding and utilizing non tradional training equipment and methods. We then implement training that directly equats to in-game results.  

We train players based on what they are trying to achive, NOT what limits them. 

One time in a gym with us and your will see and feel the difference. 

About our Basketball Director

Our Basketball program is Directed by Master Trainer Chris Patriarco. With over 15+ years of multiple sports training & coaching experience and a short semi-pro career Coach Chris knows what it takes to be an Elite Athlete and lives and breathes sports. He will still challenge anyone to a game in almost any sport at age 41. With so many sports and different training styles Coach Chris takes un-traditional training and mixes it with current advanced training and produces the most All-Around basketball players on and off the courts.
Coach Chris also bring along with him a high level coaching staff with over 50+ years of training and coaching experience. We take great passion and pride in helping build our future through our youth sports. 

Coach Chris can be reached at or (713) 585-1726


Houston Stars Basketball enters its 3rd season hosting Boys’ & Girls’ Basketball Skill Camps and Clinic's throughout the Houston area. At Houston Stars we constantly evaluate the best practices for training and coaching and are constantly striving to improve in how we develop ALL our athletes. We employ a wide range of coaches from many diverse backgrounds. We have experience in coaching youth and developmental players all the way through College, National and International programs. We believe that a solid fundamental foundation will help athletes to excel quickly in the sport of basketball and use simple, bio-mechanically training elements along with non-traditional methods to produce complex results.



Our Basketball Camps typically range between 3-5 full days continually between 6-8 hours per day of Skill development. Generally Camps are for MORE advanced players trying to master their craft. These camps are typically focused around specific positions & skill sets. Point Guard, Ball-Handling, Passing, Finishing, Shooting, Etc. 

Stay Tuned for our 2022 Camps


Our Basketball Clinic's are one of our most popular basketball avenues. We start them as young a diapers and advance them into well rounded athletes on and off the court.
Our Clinics incorporate Skill Development along with some casual to moderate competitive game play. Our Clinics are a great way to introduce a player to basketball or advance them in their development.  

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Current Program: 2021 Fall Skills Clinic & 3 vs 3 League (CCISD Area)

Our 2021 Fall Basketball Clinic is for ALL ages and gender K-5th grade. Players will be separated by age, skill and gender. Once players are evaluated and separated we will begin on day 1 to start building skills. We take an untraditional approach to training your athletes. So players will encounter equipment and methods that are different and difficult at first but with our passion to stick with it our methods directly help advance in-game results. 

Player Package Includes:
1 - Reversible Game Jersey Set
1 - Practice Basketball
1 - Practice T-Shirt
1 - Water Bottle

Season Starts: October 25th, 2021

Season Ends: December 16th, 2021

Gym Location(s):  

Monday - Ward Elementary School - 1440 Bouldercrest Dr, Houston, TX 77062

Wednesday - Ross Elementary School - 2401 W Main St, League City, TX 77573

Friday - Hyde Elementary School - 3700 FM518, League City, TX 77573

During Practice: Each Weeknight practice is 1.5 hours in duration. We spend most of 1 hour on building new skills each practice and DO NOT repeat from previous week. We verbally explain what and why, we then demonstrate and drill for a duration of time on each skill and move on to build upon each skill. At the end of practice We then spend 30 minutes on rules and game play, offence, defense, in-bound plays etc. 

Practice Times: Kinder & 1st - 4:30-6:00 PM
                                   2nd & 3rd - 6:00-7:30 PM
                                   4th & 5th - 7:30-9:00 PM

Games: Every Saturday (Once all registrations are in we will have game schedule)

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In the past years we have built Travel Teams of older kids. We have mainly focused on the High School age groups. Our focus this year will be to build competitive Travel Teams of ALL age & grade levels to compete both locally, regionally and across the country. We will have offerings for players of every ability and will always believe in the potential for players to grow and develop into GREAT basketball players.
Each player will be required to Try-Out and be evaluated on Attitude, Skill Level, and Character to determine a spot on a team. We don't just take players of high skill and put them on 1 team. We care more about building lasting friendships, memories and players to play at a high level.   

At ALL levels of Travel Teams will require players to commit to multiple weekly practices and multiple game seasons. Travel Teams are a must if a player wants to play High School, College or Pro Level Ball.


Our local teams will compete at a local Houston level. This is a great introduction to competitive basketball at a high level. Player will still be required to 


Our Regional Travel Teams are for more advanced and better seasoned players. These teams will travel within the Southern Region of the US, from Texas to Florida to California and in-between.  


This is where players get noticed. From sanctioned Jr. NBA Tournaments to AAU National Championship at Disney. These players and teams compete at the highest level.  

Try-Outs for the 2022 Season will Open in January 2022


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